Love Story (2024)

Love Story (2024)


At 35, Professor Zhao Dahai was a well-known psychology professor and a jury on a popular talent show. Blessed with a stunning wife and a charming daughter, he led a harmonious family life and a successful career. Such a perfect man was bound to attract attention, which understandably sparked insecurities in his wife, Zhou Meimei. Through unwavering loyalty and profound wisdom, Zhao Dahai meticulously cherished his treasured family. Facing the challenges of finding a life partner, Zhou Meimei’s bestie, Yin Hehuan, through a twist of fate, unexpectedly met Lin Dongsheng, a miner who was eight years younger than Hehuan. The significant age gap and the stark difference in social status created a barrier to their relationship, further compounded by the presence of the love rival, Li Yaobin. Ultimately, Lin Dongsheng proved himself to be the most suitable man for Yin Hehuan.

Other Name: 这就是爱情

Released: Apr. 30, 2024



Cast: N/A

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